Our People Strategy

Our People Strategy seeks to ensure that the Council supports its most valuable asset - its people. Delivery of the strategy spans our organisation and is led through the Human Resources and Economic Development and Communications Service. This is in recognition of our strategic workforce ambitions, coupled with our commitment to learning and development. This approach will ensure that our ambitions succeed, not only for our existing workforce but for our workforce of the future which will be found within our communities and beyond.

Lynsey Linton

Head of People Services

We are passionate about our People Strategy and the importance of attracting and supporting our people. All of our people are different and add value in different ways. It is important that we recognise and build on this, finding appropriate and relevant ways to attract people to come and work with us and give their best whilst working with us. These ‘ways’ will reflect what makes us a great employer. Whilst the underlying principles may be the same, we will all value different aspects and one size does not fit all.

Paul Bell

Head of Economic Development and Communications

Our people are crucial to success of the Council and the communities we serve. We need to think about how best we engage our people to meet both our current and future needs. We also need to have ways of reaching out to our future people (people at school, college, university and people who are seeking employment) to generate interest and passion for working for the Council.

Our People Strategy

Our aspiration is to have a Modern Workforce in a Modern Workplace - our strategy seeks to ensure that we support our most valuable asset – our people.

We need to reflect upon how people now live their lives to ensure that we can respond to new and emerging requirements, ensure our workforce have the skills they need, and provide the most appropriate workplaces where our employees can thrive and deliver their objectives.


We have looked at national, respected research which identifies what ‘good work’ is and more local research to explore staff perceptions of current and future work – and we have built much of this strategy around that.

Future Work Design Whitepaper PDF

Key findings

In planning for our future the Council needs to be both stable (resilient, reliable, and efficient) and dynamic (fast, nimble, and adaptive), designing structures, governance arrangements, and processes with a strong backbone, whilst at the same time creating looser, more dynamic elements that can be adapted quickly to new challenges and opportunities.

Flexibility, choice and trust are highly desirable features of the future workplace for our employees. These characteristics are consistent with a long history of psychology research,

Our People Strategy responds to these characteristics, taking into account: values, culture and leadership; workforce planning and organisational development; employment relations; and people analytics and reporting. This information, being brought together, will provide effective workforce business intelligence for our organisation.

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Our strategy and what it means for our staff

A modern workforce in a modern workplace

We have looked at national, respected research which identifies what ‘good work’ is and more local research to.

Underpinned by trust, innovation, collaboration, clear communications and timely business intelligence

Planning for our future

  • Workforce planning
  • Agile organisation
  • Approach to change
  • Staff engagement
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Attracting a modern workforce

  • Pay and reward
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
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Developing our workforce

  • Learning and development
  • Effective leadership
  • Performance
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Providing a modern workplace

  • Organisational design
  • Health and wellbeing
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As a Council, we can do nothing without our people. Through our new people strategy we will redouble our efforts to ensure we provide the best environment for our people to develop and succeed in whatever role they undertake. Learning and Development is at the heart of our offer, supporting the continuous improvement of our services and ourselves.

Caroline Lacey, Chief Executive

It is widely recognised that effective organisations reflect the communities they serve. Our People Strategy ensures that workforce equality, diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of our ambitions for a modern workforce in a modern workplace, and that these ambitions extend into everything we do

Lynsey Linton, Head of People Services

We are all striving together to support and understand how we can provide agile working for our dedicated staff. We are all animated as we prepare for the future, making us a modern workforce in a modern environment.

Caroline Hunt, Branch Secretary UNISON East Riding

Putting our customers at the heart of our plans will help us understand the people we need to deliver services, For the services to be delivered well, we need to engage our people and manage change properly

Stephen Hunt, Head of Planning and Development Management

We have the amazing privilege of being part of people’s lives at the most important times. We help to create wonderful memories and also to make a difficult time that little bit more bearable. Whilst doing this we are creating records which will hopefully provide future generations a valuable insight into our momentous moments.

Georgia Mountford, Deputy Registrar